kubernetes state 源码

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kubernetes state 代码


Copyright 2020 The Kubernetes Authors.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.

package state

import (
	v1 "k8s.io/api/core/v1"

// MemoryTable contains memory information
type MemoryTable struct {
	TotalMemSize   uint64 `json:"total"`
	SystemReserved uint64 `json:"systemReserved"`
	Allocatable    uint64 `json:"allocatable"`
	Reserved       uint64 `json:"reserved"`
	Free           uint64 `json:"free"`

// NUMANodeState contains NUMA node related information
type NUMANodeState struct {
	// NumberOfAssignments contains a number memory assignments from this node
	// When the container requires memory and hugepages it will increase number of assignments by two
	NumberOfAssignments int `json:"numberOfAssignments"`
	// MemoryTable contains NUMA node memory related information
	MemoryMap map[v1.ResourceName]*MemoryTable `json:"memoryMap"`
	// Cells contains the current NUMA node and all other nodes that are in a group with current NUMA node
	// This parameter indicates if the current node is used for the multiple NUMA node memory allocation
	// For example if some container has pinning 0,1,2, NUMA nodes 0,1,2 under the state will have
	// this parameter equals to [0, 1, 2]
	Cells []int `json:"cells"`

// NUMANodeMap contains memory information for each NUMA node.
type NUMANodeMap map[int]*NUMANodeState

// Clone returns a copy of NUMANodeMap
func (nm NUMANodeMap) Clone() NUMANodeMap {
	clone := make(NUMANodeMap)
	for node, s := range nm {
		if s == nil {
			clone[node] = nil

		clone[node] = &NUMANodeState{}
		clone[node].NumberOfAssignments = s.NumberOfAssignments
		clone[node].Cells = append([]int{}, s.Cells...)

		if s.MemoryMap == nil {

		clone[node].MemoryMap = map[v1.ResourceName]*MemoryTable{}
		for memoryType, memoryTable := range s.MemoryMap {
			clone[node].MemoryMap[memoryType] = &MemoryTable{
				Allocatable:    memoryTable.Allocatable,
				Free:           memoryTable.Free,
				Reserved:       memoryTable.Reserved,
				SystemReserved: memoryTable.SystemReserved,
				TotalMemSize:   memoryTable.TotalMemSize,
	return clone

// Block is a data structure used to represent a certain amount of memory
type Block struct {
	// NUMAAffinity contains the string that represents NUMA affinity bitmask
	NUMAAffinity []int           `json:"numaAffinity"`
	Type         v1.ResourceName `json:"type"`
	Size         uint64          `json:"size"`

// ContainerMemoryAssignments stores memory assignments of containers
type ContainerMemoryAssignments map[string]map[string][]Block

// Clone returns a copy of ContainerMemoryAssignments
func (as ContainerMemoryAssignments) Clone() ContainerMemoryAssignments {
	clone := make(ContainerMemoryAssignments)
	for pod := range as {
		clone[pod] = make(map[string][]Block)
		for container, blocks := range as[pod] {
			clone[pod][container] = append([]Block{}, blocks...)
	return clone

// Reader interface used to read current memory/pod assignment state
type Reader interface {
	// GetMachineState returns Memory Map stored in the State
	GetMachineState() NUMANodeMap
	// GetMemoryBlocks returns memory assignments of a container
	GetMemoryBlocks(podUID string, containerName string) []Block
	// GetMemoryAssignments returns ContainerMemoryAssignments
	GetMemoryAssignments() ContainerMemoryAssignments

type writer interface {
	// SetMachineState stores NUMANodeMap in State
	SetMachineState(memoryMap NUMANodeMap)
	// SetMemoryBlocks stores memory assignments of a container
	SetMemoryBlocks(podUID string, containerName string, blocks []Block)
	// SetMemoryAssignments sets ContainerMemoryAssignments by using the passed parameter
	SetMemoryAssignments(assignments ContainerMemoryAssignments)
	// Delete deletes corresponding Blocks from ContainerMemoryAssignments
	Delete(podUID string, containerName string)
	// ClearState clears machineState and ContainerMemoryAssignments

// State interface provides methods for tracking and setting memory/pod assignment
type State interface {


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